My Season Lineup (Cait's version)

2016, Year of the Trail?  This year, it's all about adventure for me.  I'll be FINALLY doing my first triathlon (happy, Meg?), hitting as many X-dog events as possible, and maybe--if I'm lucky enough to get in via the lottery--attempting my very first ultra!  For training, it's basically lunchtime or nothing, so I'm hitting the hills near work as much as I can.  In my free time, I'll be parenting two munchkins, supporting my awesome wife's own fitness ambitions, and fighting my natural laziness. #constantbattle

Here's how things are shaking out:

April 10 - Dirt Dash Trail Race

May 1 - Havoc at the Hideout Trail Race

May 7 - Annual Mount St. Helens Climb

June 5 - Pine Hollow Triathlon

June 19 - Mt. Hood Scramble

September 10 - McKenzie River Trail 50k

September 18 - Gorgeous Relay


Finishing the 2015 McCubbins Gulch Scramble

Finishing the 2015 McCubbins Gulch Scramble