Caitlin's Detox Diary: Day 3

Today was so much better, friends!  I worked from home, which always brightens my day, and I busted out my new air popper to make some (butter-flavor-less) popcorn.  Lack of coffee hasn't killed me yet, but I'm not quite out of the brain fog.  Here's hoping Day 4 brings some clearing. Day 3 went like this:


Lazy work-from-home morning begins.  On Wednesdays, I get to focus entirely on Son before he goes to school, so we play and read books and generally have a good time.  I make smoothies, of course, but Wife decides she's going to buy a salad for lunch and I'll be home, so the morning is downright mellow (well, mellow for a household run by a toddler).


The danger of working from home rears its head: I've got a kitchen full of ingredients and the freedom to do what I want with them.  I distract myself with the Today show and, you know, work.


I can no longer ignore the lure of the kitchen.  Time to bust out the new popcorn popper!  (Popcorn is totally a whole food, you guys.)  Wife got me this cute little air popper for Christmas, and I'm psyched to finally set it up and give it a whirl.  It's basically as great as I had suspected.  What's not great is trying to get salt to stay on popcorn that isn't buttered.  (Pro tip: lick your popcorn kernel and dip ever so gingerly into salt.)


Realize the popcorn must have been more filling than it seemed at the time, because I've blown right through lunchtime.  Heat some leftover soup (which is definitely better than the chili, but really does seem similar), then go back for a second bowl.  Yum.


Holy hell; it's 3pm and I am not yet in a brain fog.


Debate making more popcorn and decide instead to scramble around cleaning the house for Wife's arrival.  Rearrange the meal plan document so I can make an easy quinoa dish tonight--no cumin involved, per Wife's pleading.


Wife and Son arrive, so it's playtime!  Turns out Son is crazy sleepy (was he watching Downton Abbey?), so we skip right to dinner, bath, and bed.

Roasting Veggies6:00pm

Wife is working, so I set about making a simple and delicious roasted quinoa dish (recipe coming soon!), which ends up being our favorite dinner of the week.  I still feel ok, despite the lack of coffee and maybe not enough calories, so I'm pretty psyched.


Wife is still working, and I've got so much time on my hands that I don't know what to do with myself.  I alternate between watching Scandal on Netflix and playing with my new iPhone.  I finish dinner (which ends up being a LOT of quinoa) and strangely feel satisfied.  I maybe want a bit a chocolate, but I can deal.


I thought this cleanse thing was supposed to give me more energy so I could stay up later and have a life.  Not going to finish Downton tonight, so don't even try.  Goodnight!