Meg's Detox Diary: Day 2

This detox is taking its toll. I was so excited to begin, but I didn't realize how taxing it would be. The funny thing is, it's only taxing because of my body's addiction to sugar and caffeine. I was so used to artificially sweetened foods that naturally sweet foods tasted bland to me. Even two days in, my tastebuds are beginning to adjust. I'm actually enjoying fruit. Who knew?!


I wake up feeling pretty good, possibly because I got 10 hours of sleep. But I do notice I don't feel that sluggish feeling I usually feel after an evening of a large dinner and beer.


I make another smoothie. This time, I just go with what I know: bananas, almond milk, spinach, and frozen fruit. Much better than Day 1. Even the kids partake!


I head into work after my daughter's 2-year checkup. As I approach Starbucks #1, I listen to the devil and angel on my shoulders duking it out over whether to stop for coffee. The angel wins, but mainly because the parking lot is full.


The devil wins in overtime. I stop at the Starbucks by my office for an 8oz coffee. The pastry case taunts me.


My coffee is gone. I crave more, but keep it in check. I dig into a bad of nuts and some raspberries. I am actually shocked at how satisfying they are, though I can't help dreaming about pastries ... mmm, Morning Bun.


Time for lunch: beans, rice, avocado, and salsa. I am actually full for the first time in 2 days.


Veggies and hummus. I miss cheese.


It occurs to me I haven't drunk enough water. I chug a pint.


I give the kids their pasta dinner, because ours isn't ready yet. I want them to actually eat tonight, so I cave and shelter them from my crazy detox food. Bill, however, is not so lucky.



We join the kids for dinner. I am pleasantly surprised to fine the carrot soup I made in the Vitamix is actually pretty good. I made it in the Vitamix, so it's perfectly smooth. Even Bill asks for seconds. We have sunflower seeds on the side, which the kids love. Well, they love eating them for 2 minutes and throwing them after that. Small victories.


The kids tucked in bed, I am hungry again. I just want bread, cookies, something that will fill my stomach. I just can't. Eat. More. Nuts. I give up and settle for tea and a banana.


We watch The Biggest Loser without guilt, breaking from our usual routine of dessert on the couch. I begin feeling achy and feverish, and fear a cold is imminent.


I go to bed early and shirk my evening prep for the next day. I hope not to wake up to a full-blown cold.