iPad Bouncy Seat: Too Much?

I just watched this video about a new iPad bouncy seat. On the one hand, I am surprised it took so long for someone to come up with this idea. On the other hand, I am pretty appalled by the fact that there is a market for this. These seats are inherently for children younger than 2, and yet research shows that TV has detrimental and lasting effects on this age group. Yes, I know tablets are not TV, but I consider them a close cousin. Unfortunately, research on  iPads and other electronic devices and their effects on children is scant.

To come off my pedestal a bit, I do occasionally (3-4 times a week) let Bob the Builder babysit my children while I cook dinner. Years ago, as a naive non-parent, letting my kids watch TV was one of the dozens of things I said I would never do--then, reality hit. Violating the child-rearing "rules" is just life as a parent--especially one who's expected to cook, clean, raise perfect children, and hold a full-time job outside the home.

What are your thoughts on exposing your young kids to media?